My name is Zhiwan (z-one), a rabbit with a color obsession. A Netherland Dwarf rabbit to be precise. When not frolicking with other like-minded rabbits, I has been known to participate in what one might call artistic endeavors. I’ve been labled a color-field AbEx at heart. But for reals, I have an unhealthy obsession with found objects, paint, and sometimes relational aesthetics. If you would like to hire me for some sort of commercial or artistic labor, but need some sort of official document, I got you covered below:


notNeutral creates bold, idea-based, accessible objects for the everyday modern lifestyle. To match their hip aesthetics, notNeutral decided to update their old-school online shopping cart. In fact, their website was so old that it was originally designed by the founders of Magento before Magento became Magento. Ironically, Magento became the backend for the new site. My job included theming the Magento structure and skin. Basically, most of the development. And implementing newsletters through campaign monitor