My name is Zhiwan (z-one), a rabbit with a color obsession. A Netherland Dwarf rabbit to be precise. When not frolicking with other like-minded rabbits, I has been known to participate in what one might call artistic endeavors. I’ve been labled a color-field AbEx at heart. But for reals, I have an unhealthy obsession with found objects, color, time-based art, and sometimes relational aesthetics.

I'm a Wordpress and Magento specialist. I code using a combination of Sublime Text, Codekit, Vagrant, and Chrome. SASS > LESS. Code is backed up using Git and deployed using Capistrano. If possible, I will run sites on an nginx server. I AM NOT A COWBOY CODER.

If any of this piques your interests, feel free to send me a message. Something creatively awesome might happen.

Mama’s Secret Bakery

Mama’s Secret Bakery, an up and coming Turkish restaurant, required a landing page to satisfy all the LA foodies looking for the next best thing. We decided to go beyond the usual boring text-listings by creating interactive images. With the added WordPress integration, the hungry foodie can now have access to an easy-to-update mouth-watering menu. That said, if you are ever in the area, try the Turkish Supreme Breakfast. It is simply delicious.