My name is Zhiwan (z-one), a rabbit with a color obsession. A Netherland Dwarf rabbit to be precise. When not frolicking with other like-minded rabbits, I has been known to participate in what one might call artistic endeavors. I’ve been labled a color-field AbEx at heart. But for reals, I have an unhealthy obsession with found objects, color, time-based art, and sometimes relational aesthetics.

I'm a Wordpress and Magento specialist. I code using a combination of Sublime Text, Codekit, Vagrant, and Chrome. SASS > LESS. Code is backed up using Git and deployed using Capistrano. If possible, I will run sites on an nginx server. I AM NOT A COWBOY CODER.

If any of this piques your interests, feel free to send me a message. Something creatively awesome might happen.

Gray Swartzel

Gray Swartzel, an artist and scholar of contemporary visual culture, approached me to create a unique artist website. In much of his work, Gray attends not merely to the most pertinent themes of our times, but also to traditional modes of representation—photographic, compositional, and critical components anchoring his oeuvre in historiography. I was tasked with capturing Gray’s interests in histories, both artistic and familial, in the final presentation of his online portfolio.

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